Brigid, Irish Celtic Saint and Goddess


Brigid is an Irish Celtic Goddess and Celtic Saint of Ireland.
Irish people feel very connected to Brigid. Brigid represents the divine feminine of Ireland.

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A One Day Brigid Celtic Retreat in Kildare Ireland

At 10am we meet in Kildare to begin this one day Retreat.

Kildare is the place of Brigid. The oak is also the namesake of Kildare, Cill Dara (in Irish), Church of the oak in resonance with the Druids whose Ceremonies were in oak groves.

We begin our opening Celtic Gathering in a beautiful private space where I will introduce you deeply to Brigid – the ancient Goddess and Celtic Saint of Ireland.

Hear poems, chants, songs, stories and Blessings in Brigid’s honour. Learn about and experience Celtic Practices related to Brigid that you can bring into your daily life.

There is a lovely Seven circuit Celtic Labyrinth where I will guide you on a Celtic Labyrinth Walk as you tune into the landscape and within your heart.

The ancient practice of walking the Labyrinth gives you the opportunity to quiet the outer world and listen to your inner world, a practice that can be transformative.

We will visit both of Brigid’s Holy Wells and be blessed by water from these Sacred Wells.

We first walk to Brigid’s Goddess Well allowing ourselves be drawn into the quiet simplicity of this ancient place of Pilgrimage.

Then to the Celtic Saint Brigid’s Well nestled within Her contemplative garden, tuning into the energy of this sacred place oozing the spirit of Brigid in Her many aspects.

A Gathering to weave together this day of Brigid renewing your Spirit and receiving Brigid’s Sacred Flame in a Celtic Ceremony bringing this day of Brigid to a close by 5pm.

You then travel onwards with Brigid and the Celtic Spirit whispering in your heart….

The One Day Brigid Celtic Retreat can be offered throughout the year on an individual private or group basis.