Celtic Retreats are available in Cloughjordan Eco-village,
County Tipperary

On Request.

Celtic Retreat
at Cloughjordan Ecovillage,
County Tipperary

Join me in my home place of Cloughjordan Ecovillage, in County Tipperary which is Ireland’s only Ecovillage. Meet in the Ecovillage where we will have a Celtic Gathering as I introduce you to Celtic Spirituality, its Wisdom Tradition and Practices. I weave this learning through Celtic Ritual, stories, music, song, chant, poetry and blessings, all from the Celtic Tradition. Be part of a Celtic Ritual and hear the poetry of our Celtic mystical poets…. poetry that will reach into and touch your heart. You are truly stepping into the spirit of our ancient, yet very much alive, Spiritual Tradition. Hear Celtic chants – some in our native language – Gaeilge.

During the morning I will give you a guided tour of the Ecovillage so as you can have a sense of how and why we live this way. We will walk to our Seven circuit Celtic Labyrinth, built by ourselves with stones from our land where I will guide you on a Celtic Labyrinth Walk as you tune into the landscape. This sacred unicursal path can help still the mind and nourish the soul.

The ancient practice of walking the Labyrinth gives you the opportunity to quiet the outer world and listen to your inner world, a practice that can be transformative.

Celtic Spirituality has a natural coming together with our ecological tradition as it is a Spirituality that honours taking care of each other, Mother earth and all who inhabit Her. It is a Spirituality that values the importance of community and solitude, both of which can be seen paradoxically as interdependent.

Break for lunch – take a short walk to the Middle Country Cafe which is a our local cooperative venture.

In the afternoon we bring our hearts towards the Celtic Practices. Discover and experience some of these simple, yet powerful Celtic Practices and hear how you can bring them into your daily life to nurture, support and inspire…..

Hear about Brigid Goddess and Celtic Saint of Ireland and be part of a Brigid Fire Ritual that will release and renew your spirit and kindle your own inner fire.

We weave together this day of Celtic Retreat renewing your Spirit and receiving Brigid’s Sacred Flame in a Celtic Ceremony as our day together draws to a close (by 5pm) and then travel onwards with the Celtic Spirit whispering in your heart…

Celtic Retreats are offered throughout the year on an individual private or group basis and are available on request. The cost varies depending on whether it is an individual or a group.

For further information contact Mary in Ireland by email or Skype


skype: celticjourneysireland

About Cloughjordan

A little bit of information about Cloughjordan Ecovillage.

Cloughjordan Ecovillage brings together a diverse group of people who are committed to creating a vibrant, sustainable and resilient community and sharing this collective learning experience with others. As an educational charity and learning community we are committed to developing collaboratively and to building resilience into our lives. We are doing this in a way that is socially enriching while minimising ecological impacts, believing in the philosophy of ‘live the change you wish to see’.