Patrick Kavanagh Pilgrimage by the Grand Canal in Dublin

Our half day Patrick Kavanagh Gathering and walking Pilgrimage in the area of Dublin where Patrick Kavanagh wrote his poetry and lived a lot of his life. We will begin with a Celtic Gathering where I will introduce you to the poetry and the person of Patrick Kavanagh and his place in Dublin, Monaghan and Ireland; so our Gathering is about the person, the poetry and the place. Throughout his poetry and writings we can feel an all pervasive spirituality. Patrick saw the mystical in the ordinary and he invites us with his poetry to do likewise.

We will then walk around the places where Patrick lived his life, seeing where he had his home and the places close to his heart, the places that gave him solace, the places that brought forth the fullsome poetry that he has left us. You will have a deep sense of this mystical Irish Poet, – and the opportunity to listen to his words of earthy mysticism around the places by the Grand Canal, walking in his footsteps…..

Patrick Kavanagh and his poetry has enriched my life ……may he enrich yours…

“Ultimately Kavanagh sees loving contemplation as the supreme activity of the poet” writes Una Agnew in her insightful and beautiful biography of Patrick Kavanagh.

“A remarkable resilient man with a keen sense of humour and self-irony …with a profound and enduring commitment to poetry” writes Antoinette Quinn of Kavanagh.

If you wish we can make this into a one day Celtic Retreat. In the morning an introduction to Celtic Spirituality with a Celtic Ritual and an experience of one of our Celtic Practices. I weave this learning through stories, music, song, chant, poetry and blessings, all from the Celtic Tradition. In the afternoon the Patrick Kavanagh Gathering and the walking Pilgrimage as above.

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