Two Day Celtic Retreat in County Clare

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Two Day Celtic Retreat in County Clare

(This Retreat is available for individuals and groups)

Our two days together is a gentle immersion within our Celtic Spiritual Tradition, offering you a deep and rich authentic sense of Celtic Spirituality… an opportunity to move within the heart of our ancient, yet living Spiritual tradition. It truly is a living and breathing experience.These days you will be immersed in Celtic Spirituality visiting Sacred Sites in County Clare including Sacred Sites in the wild and beautiful Burren.
There is a warm Celtic Failte (welcome) to you on your Celtic Retreat. Our morning will start with an opening Celtic Gathering where you will begin to sense the world of Celtic Spirituality. I will introduce you to Celtic Spirituality, its Wisdom Tradition and Practice. I weave this learning through stories, music, song, chant, poetry and blessings, all from the Celtic Tradition. Hear the poetry of our Celtic mystical poets…. poetry that will reach into and touch your heart. Hear Celtic chants – some in our native language – Gaeilge. Join me in your initial Celtic Ritual that will ground you within our ‘earthy mysticism’…. gently bringing your spirit here to Érin’s Isle as you journey within this mystical Celtic Path.
Travel into the enchanting landscape of the Burren and attune to its presence. As we move a little ways further into the Burren connecting with this Sacred landscape we take time to walk to a Holy Well. Sense how we reverence these important places in our landscape, receiving for yourself a Celtic Water Blessing. Holy Wells are an integral part of Celtic Spirituality, they are seen as places where we can connect with the Goddess of our land. Be part of a Celtic Reflective Practice at one of the Sacred Sites in the Burren. Journey a little further to the site of an old Celtic Monastery and gaze upon a Sheela-na-Gig (often referred to as Goddess of the Celts) and hear about this ancient symbol of the Goddess.
Be introduced to the Spirit of Brigid – our beloved ancient Goddess and Celtic Saint – the embodiment of the Divine Feminine in Ireland. Appreciate the importance of Brigid in the heart and soul of Ireland. Hear some of the myriad of stories about Brigid and the special place She holds in this land. Be part of a Brigid Fire Ritual that supports renewing of your spirit and kindling your inner fire. We bring our hearts towards the Celtic Practices. Acquaint yourself with some of these simple, yet powerful Celtic Practices and hear how you can bring them into your daily life to nurture, support and inspire.
To attune into more of the landscape we will travel out to the shoreline….a shoreline that is the place of one of our nourishing Celtic poems. If weather permits we will have our closing Celtic Gathering here as we consciously weave the threads of this Sacred Journey, reflecting on how this time has been weaving within you, within the
landscape and woven around the Celtic Spirit. Become more familiar with the sacred place that Blessing has in our Celtic Tradition. Receive Brigid’s Sacred Flame in a natural Celtic Ceremony.
During our days together there will be time for reflection……a vital part of Celtic Spiritual Tradition.
As you can see the Celtic Gatherings are an integral part of the Celtic Journey and Retreat. These gatherings offer you an internal understanding and feel for the Celtic Tradition – a world filled with mystery and natural wonder. The Celtic Gatherings also offer ways of bringing Celtic Spirituality into your life at home. Allow the landscape, poems, music, chant, stories and blessings of our ancient land add an inspirational richness to your life.
These days will allow you step into the mystery and beauty of our tradition and you travel onwards with the Celtic Spirit in your hearts and on your lips.
May your Spirit be nurtured by our deep Celtic Spirit…………

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