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Celtic Journeys - Spiritual Tours of Ireland

The Sky Is My Music, Silence is my love

Private Celtic Journeys

Personalised Tours for Groups and Individuals

Part of the service we at Celtic Journeys offer is customised spiritual tours, tailored to meet individual and particular group interests.We can offer Celtic Journeys with a focus on a particular aspect of the Celtic World.

For example, some people might desire Celtic Journeys with an emphasis on Celtic Christian Sites,  others with an emphasis on the Goddesses of the Celtic World. Still others may have a traditional music and song emphasis, others where the group may wish to visit particualr sites – eg stone circles and dolmens, some groups may have specific regions in Ireland where they want to have their Celtic Journey and there are many other examples, like storytelling and Celtic art.

So we create a Celtic Journey with your focus in mind or we create a private journey with a broad Celtic focus.
Like the Celtic World there is richness and variety.
You decide what time of year and how many days the Celtic Journey is to be.

Private Celtic Journeys can be organised throughout Ireland and specially designed by us following consultation with you.

If you would like to have a Private Celtic Journey for you and/or your group -
Contact us at: mary@celticjourneys.com


Ireland Tours for Small Groups

We offer guided Celtic Journeys into the heart of Ireland throughout the year.

Our Irish tours for small groups are an opportunity for you to truly experience the soul of Ireland. This ancient, yet fully alive world, awaits you - travel with other like-minded souls or with your own private party or group.

Return home, knowing in your heart that you have truly stepped upon the land of Ireland and have entered its magic and mystery.

Join us and be enchanted...

If you have any queries email us in Ireland at





Contact Us

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