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Celtic Journeys - Spiritual Tours of Ireland

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Fáilte - Welcome to
Celtic Journeys

Unique, Exclusive and Authentic Spiritual Journeys and Retreats in Ireland

Hello and a warm Fáilte or Irish welcome to you as you visit our website here at Celtic Journeys in the heart of Ireland.

Celtic Journeys grew out of the lived experience and many years of study, sacred travel and retreat of its Irish Founder, Mary Meighan. We are based in County Tipperary, Ireland. On a Celtic Journey or Celtic Retreat I wish to share with you a love, deep understanding and a discovery of our natural Celtic Tradition. We treasure its exquisite gifts and are committed to honouring these with others. Our philosophy at Celtic Journeys is to offer a genuinely Celtic experience.

This is a soulful way to be introduced to the spirituality of Ireland and to gain an appreciation of the connection between the land and Celtic Spirituality. It is an inward journey as well as an outward journey.

Hear the music, poetry, blessings and myths express the openness and wonder of the Celtic imagination. Stand on ancient sacred sites and experience the sense of presence and natural beauty.

An alive authentic feel for the Celtic heart of Ireland is what you can experience. You may touch into this ancient Celtic land in a myriad of ways...


Guided Scheduled Journeys
Ireland Spiritual Tours for Small Groups

All our Celtic Journeys and Celtic Retreats are personalised and attention to detail in all aspects is a cornerstone of what we offer. Being with us will give you a deep and personal sense of what ancient Ireland is about.We step into the Celtic Spirit of this ancient land by our Celtic Gatherings offering you a well of nourishment and inspiration and by visiting ancient sacred sites.

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Guided Scheduled Tours Ireland


Guided Celtic Retreats

The essence of this Celtic Journey is retreat – a time and a space for place and soul to connect.

Staying in one particular part of Ireland or one of our offshore islands allows our days to be gently woven around the Spirit of the Celtic Tradition. Guided relections are offered drawing you into a deep and quiet place within yourself. Become familiar with Irish Blessings, poems, stories, chants and music – all gently stirring the imagination – the imagination, so honoured in the Celtic tradition...

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Irish Sunset


Private Celtic Journeys

Part of the service we at Celtic Journeys offer is customised spiritual tours, tailored to meet individual and particular group interests. We can offer Celtic Journeys with a focus on a particular aspect of the Celtic Tradition.



Private Celtic Journeys Ireland


Day Celtic Journeys

Day Celtic Journeys are an opportunity to step into an experience of the Celtic World.

Our One Day Celtic Journey offers participants an introduction to some of the wonders of this ancient world including a visit to a Celtic Sacred Site.

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Day Celtic Journeys Ireland


Talks, Seminars & Celtic Retreats

Mary Meighan travels throughout Ireland renewing and sustaining interest in the Celtic World.

She also visits the United States and other countries introducing the Celtic World through talks, workshops and celtic retreats, drawing upon the inspiration of Irish poets, storytellers, scholars and traditional musicians.

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Day Celtic Journeys Ireland

2017 Celtic Retreats
& Celtic Journeys Schedule

- Other dates and shorter Celtic Journeys & Celtic Retreats are available throughout the year, please contact us for details...  

Glendalough Special 2017

Phil Cousineau

Celtic Retreats in Ireland's First Eco-Village  



Celtic Journeys took me through profound contemplation to joyous wonder, from sacred silence to uproarious laughter. This is balm for the soul.

Thank you for an experience I will treasure and savor for as long
as I live

      - Dr. Morrie Kleinplatz
         Windsor, Canada.



Founder and Director


Mary MeighanMary Meighan is the Founder and Director of Celtic Journeys.
She was born and raised in Ireland and Ireland remains her home. Mary has a lifetime of experience making sacred journeys all over the world and a deep passion and understanding of her own native celtic culture.
Mary regularly visits other countries giving introductory talks on the Celtic Tradition, facilitating Celtic Workshops, and guiding retreats on Celtic Spirituality. Along with a degree in Psychology, A Diploma in Addiction Therapy and a Masters degree in Social Work she has a Masters degree in Spirituality from Naropa University, USA.


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