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Celtic Journeys - Spiritual Tours of Ireland

Our Vision

Celtic Journeys is based in Ireland and offers a soul journey that is nourishing, inspiring and authentic. We are here to introduce you to the wonders of the Celtic Tradition and to awaken a connection to this ancient yet living world. We offer a place to gather and an opportunity to walk a sacred path together, where we can know the beauty of the journey, walk the path with more ease, travel with an opening to our longing and a compassion in our heart.

It is about gathering and building upon in the gentlest of ways. Time is not the concept, nor journey's end a goal. Journeying is like life -- on the road we encounter ourselves. It calls us to what is essential -- returning us to our soul being, to who we truly are.

Celtic Journeys embraces three key aspects of journeying - Pilgrimage, Retreat and Ritual. These are naturally interwoven through all of Celtic Journeys offerings:

Pilgrimage - A Sacred Journey

Celtic Journeys Pilgrimage"Pilgrimage is often regarded as the universal quest for the self. Though the form of the path changes...one element remains the same: the renewal of the soul." –Phil Cousineau

Pilgrimage - a sacred journey - calls us to set forth into the mystery of our own sacred selves and to the place of sacredness where we are journeying to. "To go on an inward journey sometimes you have to go on an outward journey to set it off," as Rabbi Lionel Blue wisely reflects...
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Retreat -Toward The Within

Celtic Journey Retreat"Away from the world’s ceaseless din, one hears whispers from another realm, faint but compelling." -- Zaleski

Retreat can offer the silence, simplicity, and the opportunity for contemplation that the response to that little whisper seeks. Retreat provides the opportunity to connect with our spirit so as to enable us to return to our outer world with a depth of compassion and a clarity of vision...
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Ritual - Life's Honouring

Celtic Journeys RitualRitual has a mystery within it; and the more we touch the mystery without dissecting it the deeper it becomes. Celtic Journeys honours ritual's sacredness. "How complex the subject of ritual is, how difficult its communication, how necessary the practice of ritual is to its understanding." -- Tom Driver.

Our longing for ritual is deep and vital to our soul. It incorporates embracing all of life, that is its gift. It fully embraces and supports the darkness as it does the light...
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Celtic Journeys Key aspects of Journeying

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» Retreat
» Ritual

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"One is drawn into a circuitous journey with what is deep, sacred and unnamable . . . like the labyrinth, Celtic Journeys takes you through many twists and turns, laughter and tears, insights and remembrances all with the single purpose of drawing you into the sacred center where all is one, and inner and outer unite."
A Californian Pilgrim